Ram Gopal Nandera, Pawan Bhawsar, Himanshu Gangwal, Vikas Patidar


The pollution is the one of the bigger issue in the world today. Now days the pollution problems are go on increasing in the world. There is need to control the pollutants which are emitted from the various sources like vehicles, industries and human etc.

This present paper is an attempt to make a model of pollutant gases absorbing system, which absorb pollutant gases (like CO2, SO2, NO2, NO, H2S and smoke etc.) in the surrounding & clean the atmosphere. The system consisted of absorbing and adsorbing plate’s which are used to absorb the pollutant gases. The main parts of the system is casing, suction fan, dust filter, water absorbing system, activated charcoal, potassium hydroxide, soda lime etc. The suction fan is fitted at the one end to suck the air and hot gases inside the casing where the air and hot gases mixture passing through the different types of absorber and fresh air release in atmosphere. This system is useful in industrial area, where large amount of smoke & pollutant gases produce in atmosphere.

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